Yami Kawaii Black Magic Witch Moon Skirt #JU1941

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Size: S
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When a witch wears thismagical skirt . her powers are amplified.

Compliments almostany outfit withits enchanting design.

Get the matching Witch's Black Magic Handbag HERE.

Product Details:

Material: Polyester . Cotton


Size Waist Length
S 64 38
M 68 39
L 72 40

What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"Well I wanted a freaking cool skirt showing my true self Now I got it" ~a_crazy_fantasy_girl

"I really love how the symbols really pop against the black! It makes the skirt look really cool!" ~ninjaacepan

"omg this is so pretty!! The colours match really well and as someone deep into Wicca witchy clothes are so cool!" ~snowstar.cosplay

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