Sexy Fishnet Stockings Mesh Lingerie [3 Styles] #JU1920

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Color: Small Mesh
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"I personally am stunned by the interior of the design and how the fabric looks among the skin. Fishnet is simply a design that looks amazing on any outerwear which makes it give a more defying contrast to the outfit it is paired up with. It looks so detailed and like it is made with utmost precision and handling. I love the lacework and how simple the fashion choice is. I would definitely wear this with everything I own. Its one of a kind and simply just gorgeous to look at." ~tomeidou

"I love the cute design! I'd definitelly wear them with cute skirts." ~abby.shrinks

"I would love to wear this very stylish and unique style" ~_ladyalone_

"This is a perfect addition to my fishnet collection." ~Carigan Nichelle Rodgers

Product Details:

Material: Nylon . Spandex
Thickness: Thin
Size: Length 70cm-100cm

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