Ram/Rem Cosplay Maid Dress Costume Set Re:Zero Life In a Different World From Zero #JU1948

Size: S
In stock


Buy the wig to complete your costume here.

Perfect for your upcoming anime convention or everyday maid cosplay.

Willyou be Ram . Rem . or...?

Product Details:

Components: Dresses
Material: Polyester
Package Includes: Headwear + Dress + Sleeves


Size Bust Waist
S 80 65
M 85 70
L 90 75
XL 98 85
XXL 103 90
XXXL 107 97

What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"I love cosplaying and I'm newly starting in the cosplay world. This maid costume would help me continue to grow with my cosplaying! It's so cute and very good quality to show off at comic cons!" ~ Jodine Hoffman

"The material looks high quality and is a spot on replica of the outfit in the anime very impressive! I defiantly need this for conventions! " ~India McQuillan

"Definitely something to wear someday for a con or even just at an event . its been made with very close detail which is wonderful to show it off plus you can be either one of the twins . another character or as a your own OC. Who's your favorite between Ram and Rem? :>" ~Arista Ren Kwok

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