MAGIIN Comfortable & Super Soft Sleeping Mask with Adjustable Strap 1PCS Cool and Warm Pressure Free Sleeping Eye Mask for Men/Women

Color: Black and Rose
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1. SUPER SOFT & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL: The eye mask is made of light and premium material, thus there is no pressure on your eyes. As soon as wearing it, you will feel a super soft and comfortable touch feeling. It is ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers, also perfect for traveling to help keep you feeling rested and refreshed.

2. HIGH-QUALITY ELASTIC BAND AND buckle: The size of the eye mask can be adjusted at will, which is suitable for all different head sizes. Compared with the adjusting buckle, it can provide you with the most comfortable feeling and has zero burdens on the back of the head.

3. AVAILABLE ON BOTH SIDES FOR ALL SEASONS: One side is light and cool, and the cool particles in the fabric make you feel cool instantly. The other side has its temperature sense, and the air thermal fiber increases the comfort and warmth of use. You can choose which side to use according to your different users' needs.

4. EQUIPPED WITH STORAGE BAG: It is light and easy to carry. You can put it in the luggage when traveling and enjoy a good sleep outside as at home. The storage bag can also prevent the eye mask from wearing and keep it clean. We make different products from others with heart, just to give you a more comfortable consumption experience.

5. RELIEVE ANXIETY AND INSOMNIA: Wearing the eye mask, forget anxious and fretful emotions caused by trivial things in the day. At this moment, only enjoy your quiet night world alone. After the mood is calm, you will immediately enter a wonderful dream, and your anxiety and insomnia will be relieved naturally.

6. PERFECT SHADING BLOCKING OUT LIGHTS: It can effectively isolate the external light to create a pure dark sleep environment and atmosphere for you, meanwhile relax your eyes, effectively improve the sleep quality and alleviate the fatigue of the day.


With the fast pace of work, high pressure of life, empty spiritual world, you feel anxious and fretful caused by all kinds of troubles in the day… You originally wanted to have a good rest and wash away all of your fatigue, but couldn't fall asleep however many times you tried… Is this the problem you are facing now?

Maybe you can find the answer from this eye mask, wearing it, stay away from the noise and enjoy a wonderful sleep immediately.

The eye mask is equipped with a small storage bag, you can put the eye mask bag in the suitcase, which takes up a small space and is easy to carry on traveling. Wearing eye masks, enjoy a warm and quiet sleep as at home when traveling outside.

Based on ergonomic design, the shape design of this eye mask is reasonable and fits the nose contour, it won’t fall or slide off your face and there is no light through the space near the nose.

It can effectively isolate the external light, and create a pure dark sleep environment and for you so that you can enjoy a deep sleep without any disturbing light.

You can adjust the size of the eye mask according to your head circumference at will. It is suitable for all people. We adopt a premium elastic strap and non-metal buckle which will not bring any burden on your head.

We use premium filling cotton which is soft and lightweight, brings zero burdens to your eyes, and gives you a more comfortable user experience.

The warm surface of the sleep mask is made of 100% polyester fiber, which is close to the human body's natural temperature. The vent pores guarantee their permeability.

The cool surface of the sleep mask is made of cool fabric which makes you feel cool when touching it, and it will not feel hot even if worn for a long time. Bring cool for you in the summer.


Wearing the eye mask, you will enjoy a wonderful deep sleep wherever you are and whenever you want to have a rest. It is also an excellent choice even for shift workers as well as planes, trains, buses, long car rides.

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