Kawaii Pastel Cat Ear Hair Clip Headband [6 Colors]

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Color: Blue
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What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"i love the pastel colours on it and that it also has bells on the inside:) also itd make a great accessory for cosplay!" ~thegaynun

"It's has the minimalistic feel of cute. It is extremely Kawaii as they say and is good for cosplay I would totally cosplay Cyan from Show by Rock!" ~whoopwhoop.trash

It's so adorable and is perfect for about any costplay and it's a perfect addition to anything to wear I think the colours and is extremely kawaii and I'm in love with every part of it
I love your store you have the best stuff for cosplays or generally anything and everything is just so cute and you can see how much effort people put in" ~_.kooki_

Product Details:

Material: Faux Fur

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