Kawaii Overwatch D.Va Baseball Varsity Jacket #JU1988

Size: S
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What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"I do feel like i sound like a broken record but for my beautiful girl I will do what I must to represent her proudly
1: its my beautiful main and best girl dva!!
2: well made and called be used for casual wear and cosplay
3: I would take care of this better then I do myself
4: it's blue and pink which is a really good color combo if ya ask me" ~ Sky Needs Joy

"I love it since it's cute but I also have been trying to convert my closet into things that kinda show the cute side of me since my closet is most black .white .gray and creams. Although I like the colors I have been wanting to create cute outfits in my closet for a long time. Sorry I went on a tangent but that's kinda why I would like it." ~open_sweets

"I want this jacket because it looks really trendy . the two pastel colors are really cute too. There is a little rabbit at the top of the jacket and that makes the jacket a cute and special one. You can wear it out casually . or out cheering for a sport event. It can even be a fashionably worn to a date!! In another case . you can give it to your friend as a gift . as it is one of a kind! Hence . you can wear this jacket in many situations." ~rxbxl_szkurz_1124

Product Details:

Components: Jacket only
Material: Cotton


Size Length Chest
S 59 100
M 60 104
L 61 108

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