Genshin Impact Cosplay Keychain Elements Charm, Visions Gods Eye Metal Pendant

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Genshin Inazuma Keychain
Size:As Pictures
Material: Metal+ Grass
Color:AS pictures
The design is inspired by the original god's inazuma

Design elements: wind element, ice element, fire element
The design is inspired by the lightning of genshin
This Genshin keychain perfectly restores the model in the game. If you are a fan of Genshin, this keychain is not to be missed.
Occasion: school, holiday party, birthday gift.
Function: backpack pendant, you can also buy a rope or chain instead of the keychain, as a necklace, interesting and fashionable
Function 2: At night, it will emit light green and light blue light, which has a magical feeling and can interact with fans.

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