Fairy Tail Cotton Warm Wrist Gloves Fingerless Cosplay #JU2011

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What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"They're so cool! Fairy Tail is my absolute favorite anime/manga and I've watched the whole show 4 times already! " ~otaku_ami_3141

"why I need this? 'Cause the last season of Fairy Tail is starting soon and the weather is getting colder. What better combination could there ever be? " ~kitty_karinyaa

"Uhm... Do I really need a reason why I aBSOUTELY NEED those gloves? Hah. Easy. Hiro Mashima is releasing the final season of Fairytail this spring and if I'm gonna have my eyes on Gray... I will definitely need a pair(Haha get it? Because Gray is an ice wizard HAHA -okay I'll see myself out). Hopefully there will be a "New Generation" season of Ft someday" ~lxvina.a

Product Details:

Size: 17cm
Material: Cotton

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