Emilia Wig Cosplay Re:Zero In a Different World From Zero #JU1956

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Elegant and silky long silver hair that can only belong to Emilia...

Buy this standalone or complete the full Emilia Cosplay by getting the costume here.

Product Details:

Components: Wig . Hairnet . Headwear (Flower Accessory)
Material: High-Temperature Wire
Size: One size fits all

What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

"I like how it represents Emilia's character . the flowers on the side are so beautiful just like her smile and so white just like her pure personnality Emilia is my fav character and puck is just so kawaiii" ~rita_moussallem

"The hair is beautifully straighten . the braid is wonderfully done and the bangs look great . the wig looks so soft to the touch it :3c" ~Arista Ren Kwok

"I love the way the headband matches the hair the colour is amazing I want this" ~Tamara McNabb

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