Halloween Wolf Claw Gloves Hands Toys Halloween Cosplay Costume Party Kid Trick Prop Toy Cosplay Werewolf Hands Gloves

Color: D
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1. Material: Rubber
2. Product size: 30*16*5CM
3. Net weight: 0.20KG
4. Packing: OPP bag
5. Packing size: about 10*10*3CM

1. The Halloween holiday is approaching. You stretch out your hands, your hands are covered by skeleton-shaped gloves, and the rest of your arms are hidden in the dark, or covered by bone patterns, giving a horrible holiday feeling;
2. When you touch the gloves, all you can get is the elasticity and comfort of the polyester material. Even if you wear Halloween gloves, you will not feel uncomfortable;
3. Short gloves can cover your wrist, match your cloak and so on in the dark;
4. Lifelike bones are scattered on the background, making it more like bone claws. Stimulate your horror atmosphere, especially in the dark;
5. Good role-playing costumes for Halloween parties, makeup parties, etc.;
6. As for washing, it is recommended to wash by hand in water with a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Please do not try to rub the gloves. No mixing, no iron. Easy to hang and dry.

Package description:
1 pair of gloves

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