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Best Cosplay Guide for Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Jan 21,2022 | Jessica Sylvie

Best Sansa Stark Cosplay Guide

You'll need the following items for Sansa Stark

Winter is on its way, and you've come to the best spot to prepare! In the HBO series Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark is our favorite victim of one of the few survivors remaining. 


If you follow our advice, you'll look like the Lady of Winterfell herself. We'll start with a 28-inch Witch Wig and a Game of Thrones Sansa Dark necklace.


Game of Thrones, another medieval-themed show, has provided us with outfits worthy of cosplay. Sansa Stark swiftly transitions from wide-eyed and trusting to experienced and cynical. 


Sansa's early costume features lighter hues that complement her fire-kissed hair. Because of the programs' worldwide appeal, your local costume store and, of course, the internet are great places to get Sansa-inspired clothing. Naturally, a wig or natural ginger will look good on her hair.


Sansa's appearance darkened as the seasons passed; she mainly wore black and was decked with black feathers on those days, even if her hair was flaming. 


For group cosplay, you can bring back any number of doomed Stark characters, such as Rob or Catelyn Stark, or resemble one of the few remaining characters, such as Arya Stark and John Snow. 


Check out our featured images for more fashion inspiration. Send in your photos to be shared as well!


Information About Sansa Stark

Source: usmagazine

Sansa Stark has had difficulty dealing with the shyest of the Stark children. Once an optimistic summer kid, murder and cruelty stole her of her pleasure and took the lives of the majority of her family. 


She no longer believes in anybody, she no longer smiles, and she no longer hopes. In the name of survival, she has abandoned them. She is a phantom. These things may have dulled the brightness in her eyes, but nothing has dampened the wrath simmering under the surface.


Though her journey continues, there is no question that Sansa Stark will come into her own and find refuge in her father's name once more. With her elder brother Jon Snow at her side and back in the safety of Winterfell, it is unclear if she will take part in the next fight.


Given everything she's gone through, fans wouldn't blame her for wanting to stay in the protection of her own house. However, knowing what we already know about this series, it wouldn't surprise anybody if she donned armor and led her bannermen into battle.

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